Tuesday, April 15, 2014


We're having loads of fun in the library this week, celebrating our nations libraries.  Guest speakers are:

Lucy Eaton, Vetrenarian
Annegret Pfeifer, Kettle Care
 Mike Blasdel, Retired Navy Officer
Karen Burkett, Animal Shelter Liason
Joe Brenneman, Creston Fire Captain
Bill Sullivan, Principal

Monday:  What's in the box??  Check out the clues concerning an important Montana agricultural crop.  Can you figure out what we grow 730 tons of each year?

Tuesday:  Poem in your pocket.  Come to the library with a poem in your pocket and get a sweet treat!

Wednesday  Wear something we can read.  Be a portable billboard, promote your favorite words.

Thursday:  It's time for a book swap.  Bring in your used books and trade for some new ones.

Friday:  Book marker design contest winners announced.  Good luck to everyone who enters!!

There's something for everyone athe library!!!!

What's in the box?
here's a great poem from second grader Isaac:

I like to read, I like books!
Books about heroes, books about crooks,
Books about Star Wars, books about space.
The library is my favorite place.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Poetry Writing in the Library



Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer Reading Celebration.  We had 48 students who completed their summer reading logs and then joined us on the lawn for some ice cream and books.  Guest reader was Eliza Sorte Thomas. Our ice cream scoopers were Sherry Drew, Dreaux Patch and Pam Berry.
What a great day for reading and eating ice cream!

Famous ice cream ladies who know how to handle a scoop:
Pam Berry, Sherry Drew and Dreaux Patch